As an Affiliate of GTXcash, you agree not to use any method which could be viewed as "SPAM" (unsolicited postings or e-mails) to refer people to Partner sites. SPAMming is strictly prohibited by, and the Affiliate understands that such acts may be subject to fines and/or imprisonment for disobeying laws or rules of certain network providers or jurisdictions regarding the use of SPAM messages. The only acceptable methods of referring someone to Partner sites are sending e-mail to registered users of the Affiliate's site who have agreed to receive promotional email, or posting a link to the Partner's pages on the Affiliate's own website. The Affiliate will immediately lose Affiliation of and its Partner sites, as well as any commission or payment that has been earned if this rule is disobeyed.

In order for GTXcash to operate properly, it behooves both Affiliates and Partners of GTXcash to report any websites that send illegitimate traffic (eg: attained through SPAM) to GTXcash Partner sites.

If you suspect that you have been the victim of SPAM originating from one of GTXcash's Affiliates, or if you know of a website that is promoting our Partner through the use of SPAM, please let us know.

To report a suspected spammer, please complete the following form:
Your Name:
Suspected SPAM Originator:
        Site URL

Affiliate's Name
Date Received:
Copy of Email Received or Description of Illegitimate Activities:
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